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Bachelor of Music in Performance

photo of students performing during concert

The Bachelor of Music in performance is uniquely designed to allow a student to develop specialized technical skills and knowledge for an instrument or voice. The School of Music’s goal for all students involves excellence in performance; however, those majoring in performance are held to higher standards of technical ability, repertoire difficulty, and artistry than those pursuing the other degrees in music.

The student takes at least sixty-five percent of the required credits for this degree program in the major area and in other supportive courses in music. A significant portion of credit is given for applied lessons to compensate the student for the amount of practice time spent to intensely prepare for the weekly-applied lesson. Individual performance skills are nurtured in weekly private lessons, studio classes, convocations, semester juried examinations, junior recitals and senior recitals. Students are required to participate in large and small ensembles; pianists participate in the accompanying options available. Other courses specifically designed for this degree program include pedagogy of the instrument/voice and literature of the instrument/voice. A distinctive concentration in this degree program is the Keyboard Pedagogy concentration that focuses on teaching literature, pedagogical concepts, and practice teaching.


  • Keyboard
  • Keyboard Pedagogy
  • Orchestral Instruments
  • Voice
check sheet: BM–performance (Keyboard) check sheet: BM–performance (Keyboard Pedagogy) check sheet: BM–performance (Orchestral Instruments) check sheet: BM–performance (Voice)