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Bachelor of Music in Composition

Lumberjacks make great composers

The Bachelor of Music in composition offers the aspiring composer a variety of exceptional opportunities. The diverse student body at the SFA School of Music provides avenues for performances of new works in all genres, and those interested in electro-acoustic projects will find technical facilities well equipped with the latest software and hardware.

The degree program is designed to commit sixty-five percent of the required credits to composition lessons and other supportive courses in music. The SFA Bachelor of Music in composition provides the artistic and creative rigor of a traditional composition program with courses in Music Form and Analysis, Counterpoint, and Scoring and Arranging. Students develop and hone their compositional skills by writing chamber and concert music in a variety of genres and styles. As well, the degree program incorporates a strong film-scoring component. composition students have the opportunity to collectively score a feature-length film produced by SFA’s cinematography department. Further promoting their understanding of interdisciplinary creative work, students also work with designers and artists in other disciplines to create new works and become familiar with the challenges of the collaborative process.

check sheet: BM–Composition