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Undergraduate Admissions

  • University Admission Procedures for First Semester Freshmen (The preceding link only toggles the on-screen display)

    1. Complete the Undergraduate Application for Admission to Stephen F. Austin State University. Visit the Admissions Office Web site.
    2. Arrange for official ACT or SAT scores to be sent to the University early in the senior year of high school. Test scores from the junior year are acceptable, and the submission of multiple test scores is permissible. The highest composite ACT or SAT (verbal plus math) result is used to determine admissibility. Test results must be forwarded directly from the testing service to SFA. Be sure to designate Stephen F. Austin State University in the ACT or SAT application (the SFA school code is 4188 for ACT and 6682 for SAT).
    3. Arrange for an official high school transcript to be sent to the SFA Admissions Office following graduation. This copy must include the final class rank and the date of graduation. All offers of admission are provisional and subject to cancellation unless this final transcript is received. An incomplete high school transcript is also required from applicants who do not satisfy the minimum SAT or ACT requirements. This transcript must indicate the applicant’s numerical class rank at the conclusion of the junior year or first semester of the senior year.
    4. Arrange for official transcripts from all post-secondary educational institutions attended to be forwarded to the Office of Admissions regardless of whether transcript credit was earned, or is desired. Admission policies for students not classified as First-Semester Freshman, including International Students, may be found in the General Bulletin or in the on-line SFA admissions requirements.
  • School of Music Undergraduate Admission Procedures (The preceding link only toggles the on-screen display)

    In addition to meeting the University admissions requirements, prospective music students must fulfill the following school requirements:
    1. Music Majors
      Students who wish to major in music must present evidence of talent and previous experience in music and complete a satisfactory performance audition to enter the program.

      Several curriculum patterns are available and requirements vary within each curriculum pattern. See Undergraduate Programs for more information.

    2. Music Minors
      The School of Music offers a minor in music that is complementary to many undergraduate majors. Students who wish to pursue a minor in music may pursue the program of study outlined on the Undergraduate Degrees page. Applied music auditions are required of all music minors.
    3. Transfer Students
      A theory placement test may be required. In addition, all transfer students will enter in lower division applied instruction (MUP 119 or 129) unless approved for upper-division instruction through audition. Students should supply a complete list of repertoire previously studied at the time of the placement audition.

      In accordance with the Field of Study Curriculum for Music approved by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, the School of Music will accept four semesters of ensemble, four semesters of applied study, four semesters of theory/aural skills, and one semester of music literature from community colleges. The transfer of courses in vocal diction, instrumental methods or courses designed to promote keyboard competency will be evaluated on an individual basis as described in the Field of Study document. Students wishing to transfer additional courses in the three areas mentioned above should provide course syllabi and catalogue descriptions of the courses in question.

    Finally, students wishing to transfer credits toward Recital Attendance requirements at SFA must show:

    1. satisfactory completion of the requirements on the student's transcript;
    2. clear indications in course syllabi and/or catalogue materials that the requirement has been fulfilled as part of another course; or
    3. a clear statement from the chair/director of the sending school as to the attendance requirement of the school and specifically how the requirements were satisfied by the student in question.

    A maximum of four semesters of Recital Attendance will be accepted from the sending school.